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Tom Hornecker Recreation Centre (THRC): Nanton's Hockey, Swimming and Curling Hub. Council Chambers and Warm rooms

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THRC Features

The Tom Hornecker Recreation Center is located at 2122 - 18 Street, accessible from both the Northbound and Southbound Highway 2 on 18th Street. The recreation facility holds an ice rink, three curling ice sheets, and a seasonal outdoor pool. Also available are several other spaces for rental like the dry ice in the summer.    Link to Fees & Rates - see Schedule E Click here



Please see the FEES AND RATES BYLAW for current fees and rates for the THRC. Also see the April to September rental rates.


NEW:  April 1 - Sept.1  annually.  Building-wide event or tournament rental (pool, dry arena and curling lounge, or two of the three facilities for 8 or more hours per day) 

1 Day event, Non-Local Rental

$1,000.00$1,030.00 $           1,060.90 $           1,092.73 $           1,125.51
1 Day event, Local Rental

$750 $           772.50 $               795.68 $               819.55 $              844.13
2 Day event, Non-Local Rental

$1,750 $        1,802.50 $           1,856.58 $           1,912.27 $           1,969.64
2 Day event, Local Rental

$1,300 $        1,339.00 $           1,379.17 $           1,420.55 $           1,463.16
Addition of Warm Room to rental

$150 $           154.50 $               159.14 $               163.91 $              168.83

3 or more days

By Agreement with Town Administration

Private events (e.g. weddings, celebrations of life, dinners)
As per Dry Ice Arena hourly or day rates in Schedule 'E'

Addition of Warm Room/Curling Lounge/ Concession to rental
$150 $           154.50 $               159.14 $               163.91 $              168.83

Damage/Cleaning Deposits

As per Schedule 'E'


Ice Time

Ice season runs from September to March. THRC is home Nanton Minor Hockey Association, Nanton Figure Skating Club, Palominos Hockey ClubFoothills Bisons, as well as other ice sports. 
Check out Family Skate, Shinny hockey and other open ice times. 

2018 family skateCLS_3785

Dry Arena
On the off season, the arena can be rented out for various events and functions such as national weightlifting competitions, roller derby and lacrosse.





The THRC pool is open from May to September.  This beautiful little outdoor pool is the perfect way to cool down on a warm summer day.  Join us for a wide variety of swim options, including open swim, fun classes and swim lessons.   Wibit: We have a Wibit!

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The Nanton Curling Club takes responsibility for the schedules and use of the curling ice during the winter season. 

Summer bookings can be made of the Curling Lounge area. 

Warm Room

There is a warm room on the second floor available for public use. 

Multi-Use Chamber room 

The Council Chamber, also accessed from 18th Street, is located on the second floor of the THRC as well. 


Advertising Opportunities 

There is a variety of advertising opportunities in the THRC facility. See fees and rates bylaw
Donate or Sponsor Recreation Facilities Click here

FEES AND RATES for the above rentals can be found following the link: 

Link to Fees & Rates - see Schedule E Click here

To request a booking or more fee information, please contact THRC

To request an event, please complete the FACILITY RENTAL form and email to Recreation Email (found to the right)


  1. Arena/Rink

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  2. Curling Lounge

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  3. Multi-Use Room (Town Council Chambers)

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  4. Public Skating

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  5. Small Rec Room

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  6. Swimming Pool

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  7. Warm Room (Multi Use space with views of Arena)

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