April 2, 2020 - Q&A - COVID-19 (NOVEL CORONAVIRUS)

COVID-19 (NOVEL CORONAVIRUS) as of April 2 AT 5:30 pm (Highlights)

Is Alberta’s current testing capacity enough?

Alberta is continuing to test people for COVID-19 and has completed more than 57,000 tests as of April 2.

On which day does the 14-day self-isolation period begin after having close contact with someone who has the virus? 

  • Close contacts of cases are to be quarantined for 14 days from their last exposure to the case.  The last day of exposure is considered day 0 for the purposes of counting.
  • If there is ongoing unprotected contact (such as in a household setting) the quarantine period begins when the COVID-19 case is considered no longer infectious. This would be 10 days after symptoms began in the case, or until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.


Is Alberta Health Services (AHS) cancelling Home Care?

  • AHS is not cancelling Home Care. That is a very important service, for many Albertans, particularly during this challenging time.
  • Just as with other areas of the healthcare system, we are experiencing some staffing challenges due to people self-isolating, or staying home to look after their children. That’s understandable. This challenge will be ongoing, not just in home care, but in many other areas.
  • Home Care staff are working closely with each client to discuss potential impacts and to determine what essential services still need to be provided. This may include establishing back-up plans, or involving a family member in supporting some of a client’s care needs.
  • All AHS Home Care staff have appropriate PPE and follow proper donning and doffing procedures and hand washing techniques to protect themselves and their clients.
  • If a client is symptomatic and the backup plan is not feasible to implement, and/or care services are considered essential, Home Care staff will continue to provide care using appropriate PPE and following proper donning and doffing protocols


Donations and offers to provide services (for a fee, or for free)

How can we make an offer of goods or services?

  • Many Albertans are offering to provide goods or services to the Government of Alberta or Alberta communities to help manage COVID-19.
  • Please check local community support organizations if your offer is for a specific community.
  • Albertans can also complete the information on this page to communicate an offer to emergency management and emergency social services professionals addressing provincewide impacts: alberta.ca/COVID19offersprogram

Provincial supply of Personal Protective Equipment 

How do we obtain personal protective equipment from the Government ?

  • The Government of Alberta is coordinating province-wide requests from municipalities and select non-government organizations for personal protective equipment supplies for non-health related organizations and essential service providers. 
  • This equipment includes hand sanitizer, wipes, disinfectants, masks, gloves and safety eyewear. We are using Alberta suppliers as much as possible.

Do you have priorities for distribution ?

  • Healthcare workers are our priority and we are ensuring they get the PPE needed so they can continue to do their good work.
  • Groups that support vulnerable populations, child care operators, police and peace officers, municipal fire, protection services, emergency management staff, and critical infrastructure operators are now receiving PPE. 
  • Medical experts are reviewing all of the requests to ensure that what is being asked for aligns with best practices – for example, only healthcare workers need N95 masks.
  • Organizations may not receive exactly what they have asked for, but they will receive what experts have deemed necessary for them to do their work safely.
  • The general public is encouraged to continue to follow the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health – practice physical distancing, wash your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow and avoid touching your face.

Can I continue going to daily prayer service at my place of worship?

  • We recognize Albertans need a place to worship together in their various religious traditions, in a way that doesn’t put people at risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19.
  • Gathering together with fewer than 15 people can still happen as long as proper mitigation measures are followed, and people maintain a 6 feet distance from each other. 
  • Faith-based organizations are encourage to find other ways to worship, including live streaming activities instead of in-person events, whenever possible.
  • More information can be found in the [guidance document for faith-based organizations |https://webcms1v11.gov.ab.ca/CMS/ckeditor/[ioID]28E0ADE779EB46BD9807A6A24E2B3474/covid-19-fact-sheet-faith-based-organizations.pdf] (PDF, 194 KB)

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