Support a new Nanton Health Centre


The Municipal District of Ranchland No. 66, Town of Nanton and Municipal District of Willow Creek No. 26 are seeking to replace the Community Health Centre in the Town of Nanton with a new facility.  

In 2012 the three communities collectively purchased the Nanton Community Health Centre located at 2216 20th Street in the Town of Nanton. The Inter-Municipal Co-Ownership Agreement of 2012 established the “Nanton Health Centre Management Committee” and includes representatives of all three municipalities who manage the operation of the facility. 

The Nanton Community Health Centre serves the residents within the region and currently has 3 medical doctors and a locum (Doctor who stands in temporarily for another physician), a nurse practitioner, lab services, physiotherapy, programs for diabetes, immunization, nutrition counseling, cardiology and other valued community health services.  

Through a new intermunicipal agreement to create formal reserves for the existing and future building, interested donors are encouraged to come forward.  Please consider donating to the Nanton Health Centre Building Reserve Fund to support the cause of a new building.  Send inquiries with respect to making a donation to or call at the Town Office.

This page will be updated as plans and details advance.

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