Public Notices

This page is for statutory Notices and the release of other selected information for more formal notification.

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Planning & Development
Public Hearings

Response deadline: September 13
Hearing Date: September 18

Land Use Bylaw Amendments
Bylaw 1375:  Land Use Bylaw Amendment
Location: NE 16-16-28 W4
First Reading:  July 10

Statutory Plan Amendments
Bylaw 1376: Repeal Lancaster Landing Area Structure Plan
NE 16-16-28 W4
First Reading:  July 10

Development Permit Applications
Notice of Proposed Development
2409 19 Avenue
2119 24 Street
2303 16 Street

Comment by: December 13 and 15 

Notice of Decision on Proposed Development
2001 20 Avenue

Appeal deadlines 
December 5, 2023

Application for Subdivision on Land 
Location: 2115 23 StApproved

Application for Subdivision of Land D2S Farms Ltd. (Lancaster Landing)Location: NE1/4 16-16-28-W4M Extension granted

Road Closures
Public Hearing Notice Bylaw 1377/23
Bylaw 1377/23 - First Reading

Deadline for response: September 27

Other Public Notices