2021 General Municipal Elections

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Unofficial ResultsTotal number of registered voters: 806

Mayor - 1 to be elected

Abilgaard, Erik138
Handley, Jennifer*651


 6 to be elected

October 20th Recount
Anderson, Julia335  335
Bustard, Amanda Rae334333
Czop, Victor*415415
Iwanicha, Faren4040
McLelland, Dan333333
Miller, Roger*343345
Mitchell, David*409409
Slettede, Darcy248247
Sorenson, Ken*340340
Todd, Kevin*471471
Wickett, Terry*633635
Wing, Jennifer238239

Unfortunately, there will not be any advance polling. Election Day is October 18th, 2021.

Voter Identification


  • Canadian or provincial government-issued identification


  • Proof of civic address (eg. utility bill, tax bill, etc.)


Important Dates for the Town of Nanton election process:

Nomination Day DeadlineSept 20, 2021 by 12 noon 
Election DayOctober 18, 2021

Under the revised Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) of Alberta, persons may submit their nomination papers from January 1, 2021, up to Nomination Day.

It is important for candidates and voters to be aware that there will be no Advance Vote for this election and that Special Ballots (mail-in voting) are not available.

Town of Nanton Positions Available for Nomination

Information Guides

Interested in running as a candidate?  Review these information guides: 

Nomination Form

The nomination form is available to download here: 

    Nomination Form (Form 4)

NOTE - these cannot usually be viewed in your browser's system viewer. You must download the form first.

Other Resources

Link for all other forms related to the election process here.

Full details of the Local Authorities Election Act can be viewed on the Alberta.ca website > search for municipal elections.


Contact  Shellah Petersen (speterson@nanton.ca) the Returning Officer, for further details. 

Or the Chief Administrative Officer, Neil Smith. 

Additional Information

The Town of Nanton does not currently require a deposit to accompany a nomination.  Regulations are in place for reporting campaign contributions once the person officially becomes a candidate.   

The Local Jurisdiction Office is the Town of Nanton Administrative Office at:

1907 – 21 Avenue, Nanton, Alberta.