Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Plan is the document that  guides the work of Council and its Administration over a term.

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“The Town of Nanton will be innovative and proactive in providing effective, efficient, and affordable services to residents; developing strong and beneficial partnerships through awareness, and communications.”  – adopted 2018.

Business Retention and Expansion Priorities 2020-21


Business Succession & Transition

Community Investment Readiness

Housing Plan

Strategic Partnerships


  • Vacant Commercial Property Bylaw
  • Research Business Vitality Loan Fund policy

  • Work with and support CFH and ABSW where needs on Succession/Transition
  • Apply business-friendly lens to policy and bylaw processes.
  • Highlight changes as executed.
  • Discuss IDP and Future Growth with MDWC.
  • Housing needs assessment
  • Land Use Bylaw review to potentially increase affordable options and mixed use neighbourhoods
  • Open door policy on potential partners.
  • Wayfinding implementation
  • Identify favoured Destination Marketing Organization partners and their affordability
  • Grants: Only support community partners that collaborate with Town or others strongly


  • Execute Business Vitality Loan Fund (if Council approve)
  • Work with and support CFH and ABSW where needed on business Succession/Transition initiative

•  Apply business-friendly lens to policy and bylaw processes.

•  Highlights changes as executed.

  • Explore value added business opportunities related to Heritage form and character.
  • Ongoing work on Westview Phases.
  • Open door policy on partners and initiatives.
  • Review website calendar after 1 year


Status quo in 2020, review in November 2020.

Implement any governance changes in 2021.

All projects budget dependent.