Funding & Business Resources

Town of Nanton

The Town of Nanton is currently offering two options for local groups in need of financial assistance for activities, events or other community programs through the Nanton Promotional Fund and Support Grant Funds. The Promotional Fund helps groups with events and programs that enhance and promote the Town; applications are accepted throughout the year prior to the event.  The Support Grant fund supports local groups needing financial assistance to sustain their programming and services which benefit the Town; applications are accepted once a year in the fall. 

At this time we are encouraging groups to apply for the Support Grant Fund.  Applications are available online or by calling the Town Office.  Please submit your written request to Administration at the Town Office by last day of October of the current year.  Submissions must include; the amount of funding you are seeking, the purpose for which the funds are to be used, and an explanation of how the initiative supported by the funding will benefit Nanton.  All applications will be considered by Council as part of the current year's budget process. 

Regional Economic Development

Province of Alberta

The Government of Alberta has put out an updated version of funding opportunities available throughout the province. They are categorized making it simple to review. We hope our residents can take advantage of some of the great funding opportunities available. 

Funding Opportunities Information Document 

Government of Canada