Land for Sale

Please note that residential purchasers should always do their own due diligence when it comes to selection of builder or  when purchasing a home (from a builder) which has not yet been approved or completed.  Please contact us for a list of confirmed municipal lot sales, subdivisions and/or development permits.

To ensure that there is land available for development in Nanton, there are lands, both residential and industrial, that can be purchased from the Town. The latest version of our policy above also contains some conditional financial incentives (see policy for full details) for those who will purchase and build within a reasonable time frame:

Rebate of $5,000 for completion of any single or two-family dwelling within 24 months of completed purchase;

Rebate of $7,500 for completion of any three-or-more unit dwelling within 24 months of completed purchase;

Rebate of $8,000 for completion of a new non-residential development with a minimum assessed improvement value of $300,000 within 24 months of completed purchase.

ACCESS THE COMMUNIUTY PROFILE (RIGHT) to look at community, dwelling and other comparative statistics for Nanton.

Westview Lots and Parcels

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The Westview Subdivision development, located west of 27 Avenue and north of Highway 533, is currently in its third phase of development. Features include larger than average lot sizes of over 5,000 square feet, a 10 acre pond area, to lot and views of the foothills. Lot prices start at $47,000, plus GST.   Inquire for details.

Need something bigger?

To test out different market demand ahead of the next phase, the Town will entertain consolidation proposals in the above locations by developers or owner-builders who are looking for something a bit bigger than the average suburban lot.

Link to map to see what Lots are available

Nanton Westview Phase 3 Lot Prices July 1

Industrial Land 

industrialThe Town owns a limited inventory of parcels of industrially-zoned land with some servicing.  The sizes vary up to 2.7 acres (although legal consolidation is possible for more ambitious needs).  Several of the lots will carry additional land development costs to provide the purchaser appropriate access and services (which includes stormwater management).  The Town will consider all reasonable proposals,  but encourages prospective purchasers to explore their options with the Planning and Development Officer first.  

For those interested in clustering, current occupants of adjacent industrial properties include Nanton Water & Soda and Mountaintop Foods.  Please also review the Municipal Lot Sales Policy for non-residential lands.

Possible incentives include: