Bylaws & Policies

BYLAWS:  are a form of legislation established by municipal Council to resolve issues and address the needs of citizens through regulation.  These enable certain legal powers and actions within the governing jurisdiction.  Bylaws are enacted through a series of "readings" by title, content and final adoption, with statutory requirements for public hearings and other community processes in some cases related to land use or large financial borrowing requirements.

POLICIES:  these provide guidance to municipal staff and the public in terms of certain objectives Council wish to be carried out.  They will provide some instruction on the implementation and governance of certain actions.  They are approved, amended or repealed by resolution, but are not regulations.


The Town of Nanton makes every effort to ensure bylaws, policies and information on our website is accurate; however, the Town of Nanton does not guarantee the accuracy of all information provided. 

The latest or most accurate version may be obtained from the Town of Nanton at (403) 646-2029 or by emailing  For bylaw enforcement inquiries, please click here.

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