I Want To...

  1. Know When I Can Water

    Here are the watering rules

  2. Build a House

    Learn what applications and permits you will need to build a house.

  3. Find a Bylaw

    Locate a local bylaw.

  4. Find a Job

    Search for a new job and apply for open positions.

  5. Go Camping

    This is a link to the Nanton Campground details

  6. Get a dog license

    If you are looking for the animal control bylaw and for the dog license fees and application form.

  7. Make a Request

    Submit your request to town officials.

  8. Start a Business

    Find out how to start your own business.

  9. Shop Local

    Enjoy the local shops and keep your money within the town.

  10. Present to Council

    Information on how you can make a presentation to Council.

  11. Volunteer

    Looking to become involved in the community, check out local volunteer oportunities.

  12. Book Ice Time

    To book the Tom Hornecker Recreation Centre ice arena

  13. Know About My Utilities

    Link for information on Town utilities. Rates, services etc.