Council Highlights

Regular Council Meeting - March 6, 2017

  • Council passed the 3rd and final reading of the Bylaw 1279/16 to amend Land Use Bylaw 1246/13 to redesignate specified lands from Retail General Commercial (C1) to the new  Mixed Use Residential (R5) zone.
  •  A wayfinding signage strategy was presented to Council by O2 Planning & Design.  Administration recommended a long-term plan to complete wayfinding signage by 2019. Council approved the recommendation.  A wayfinding signage plan will be presented to Council by May.
  • Marketing & Communications presented ideas and concepts to better market Nanton as a broadband community and promote the advantages of having it
  • Council amended a service road closure bylaw to reflect changes required by Land Titles.
  • The Finance committee proposed no changes be made to the Council Remuneration Policy.  Council’s salary and day rates will remain unchanged, except for the standard inflation adjustment. Council approved the policy.
  • Council reviewed and approved the draft Nanton Health Centre Management Committee’s audited 2016 Financial statements.
  • The Town of Nanton will submit a nomination for Minister’s Awards for Municipal Excellence for the Nanton Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee’s work and their accomplishment
  • The Town of Nanton will support the Oldman Watershed Council in their effort to educate and promote the health of our regional water shed.

Regular Council Meeting - February 21, 2017

  • Communty Futures Highwood presented to Council about their services and programs for businesses in the region. For more information, click here.
  • Council approved the the Rates and Fees bylaw that reflects the the changes in how we measure water consumption (from gallons to cubic metres). Rates & Fees Bylaw
  • Director of Corporate Services presented the 4th Quarter budget - unaudited.  The final financial statements are being prepared and will be released this Spring.
View the council highlights in our Message from the Mayor

Regular Council Meeting - February 6, 2017

  • Council passed the third and final reading of the Utilities Bylaw.  Changes to the bylaw included updates to reflect the automatic water metre technology, new services and the requiring all commercial buildings to meet Alberta Environment standards. Utilities Bylaw
  • Council passed the first reading of the newly proposed Community Standards bylaw.  This bylaw will cover issues such as curfew, bullying and the joining of the Nuissance and Unsightly bylaws.  Council is still seeing Public input on the Community Standards bylaw and invites you share your thoughts at the Citizen's Report meeting on February 26th.
  • The Storm Water Management bylaw was passed. One of the most notable features of this new bylaw is that all use of the Town of Nanton's open bodies of water are strictly prohibited; including the Westview wet pond.
  • Council passed the first reading with the proposed changes to the Land Use bylaw to establish a Residential Mixed Use.  Propose Bylaw 1279/16 with map
  • Council has agreed to support the Alberta Summer games in needed.

Regular Council Meeting - January 16, 2017

  •         Municipal Resolution Dispute Services presented to Council about their services and programs.  Council is taking their services into consideration to engage other municipalities and create collaborative framework for regional initiatives. 
  •       AXIA presented the results of their fibre impact study to Council. 
  •         The Town of Okotoks presented as the Managing Partner for Regional Material Recovery Facility that is being proposed.  Council passed a resolution to continue with this project.
  •       Council passed a resolution in favour of the FortisAlberta LED streetlight conversion project.  More details will be provided as they are known.
  •       Council set the date for the next Public Information night session on Sunday, February 26 at 2 p.m.  Location to be determined.  Mark your calendars! 
  •       Council tabled the proposed bylaw to amend the Land Use Bylaw to a Residential Mixed Use for further investigation.
  •       A new Utility Bylaw was proposed and Council passed the first reading. 
  •       Council directed Administration to prohibit any type of activity on the Westview wet pond and any other natural water source within town.  The storm water pond creates risk because the water quality impacts the quality of the ice and is inconsistent and fluid causing the ice to be unpredictable.

Regular Council Meeting - January 3, 2017

  • Fortis Alberta presented Council with a new streetlight LED conversion proposal that would save up to 40 – 50% energy used per year.  There wouldn’t be any significant costs to the Town. Council discussed the proposal and will be further investigating to make their final decision.
  • There was a Westview lot sale proposal presented to Council.
  • Council discussed public engagements for 2017.  Dates for Coffee with Council and the next Public Information night will be announced soon.

Regular Council Meeting - October 17, 2016

  • Council set the Regular Council Meeting dates for next year at the Organization meeting

  • Stavely Elks proposed to host a bonspiel event at the Nanton Curling rink

  • Council passed Surveillance Camera Policy

  • Council approved the chlorination injection system upgrade for the water treatment plant to continue to meet Alberta Environment reporting standards

  • Council had open discussion about the potential of improving the Nanton library with the school division|

  • Council approved free Public skating for the 2016/17 season

Regular Council Meeting - October 3, 2016

  • Council approved funding to grade the East side of the THRC to alleviate drainage issues and create better access.
  • Council voted to host a Public Engagement meeting prior to the first reading of a Land Use bylaw amendment to introduce a new Residential – Mixed Use district.
  • Council directed Administration to send the MD of Willow Creek asking for confirmation of 2017 grant funding.
Regular Council Meeting - September 19, 2016

  • Council held Public Hearings for two Bylaws that are a step forward in the development process for a 3.5 acre highway commercial area north of 28 Street between the Highway 2 couplets.  There were no public presentations made during either public hearing, and while the road closure bylaw must first be signed at the provincial level before second and final reading of Council, the bylaw amendment was later passed during the regular meeting.

  • Council discussed improving drainage at the THRC.

  • Council discussed collaborating with other municipalities on the regional management of Southern Alberta Summer games.

  • Council recognized Orange Shirt Day Campaign on September 30th.

Regular Council Meeting - September 6, 2016

  • Council approved an updated Third and final reading of the Council Procedural Bylaw.  Updates include conducting meetings with the use of electronics and new technology and allow for Committee of the Whole for the purpose of informal discussions.

  • To remain committed to fiscal responsibility and secure  rates, Council approved the tendering of gas and electrical services for Town facilities from 2018-2021.

  • Council approved Administration’s application for the Canada 150 grant for community events in 2017. Council has also committed funds for the celebration of Nanton’s 110th anniversary.

Regular Council Meeting - May 16, 2016


  • Council passed a Bylaw to close a portion of the lane between 30th and 31st Avenue in Westview.  This closure is part of an adult housing development, with plans for creating a park like amenity area in the former lane space.  In exchange for closing the laneway to public travel, the Developer will provide another outlet through an existing lot
  • Council passed new Borrowing Bylaw that allows the Town of Nanton to utilize a Line of Credit if needed to fund the waste water treatment plant up to a maximum of $5,000,000.
  • Mayor Everett reported to Council on the conversation with Mr. Rick Pollard, Stakeholder Relations of the Premier’s office.  Five main areas discussed were as follows:
- The waste water treatment plant project; funding, offer to share experience with other municipalities
  - Impacts to the 2016 budget including the cancellation of grants in lieu of taxes, increases in the school tax, reduction in                   MSI funding, and the carbon tax
- Inconsistency in that the province wishes municipalities to have long term plans but province does not secure long term                   funding of grants
- In regards to linear taxation, the Town Council is supportive of regionalization at the MD level and a funding formula
- Concern regarding the long term infrastructure debt that the Town is facing

Regular Council Meeting - April 18, 2016


  • Presentation from Rick Rogers on behalf of the Mosquito Creek Foundation.
  • Junior Council students from J.T. Foster were introduced and presented their idea on how to enhance and beautify Boomer’s Hill (Lion’s Grove Park)
  • Local RCMP, Cpl. Travis Ogilvie, presented report on 2015 crime statistics
  • Budget 2016
    • A number of changes were made to the operating budget, the most significant of which was an increase to our budget for effluent sampling at the WWTP which was offset by savings in other areas and a reduction to the transfer to reserves.
    • Several changes to the capital plan were made to accommodate the increased cost for the WWTP; postponement of the completion of the industrial park to 2018 and the addition to the Town Office to 2019.  Funds were taken from reserves and grants to support the WWTP
    • Administration presented the equipment replacement purchases of $ 76 K planned for 2016.   As enhancing the beautification of the Town is a major initiative for 2016, equipment purchases were focused on this initiative. 
    • A draft tax rate was approved by Council to be used to prepare the 2016 Tax Rate Bylaw.  Minor adjustment of the rate may occur in response to actual testing in the accounting system.

  • Land Use re-zoning request was discussed by Council.  The proposed bylaw amendment was defeated.

Regular Council Meeting - March 21, 2016


  • Wastewater Treatment Plant tender was awarded to Chandos Construction.  The Town is excited to announce that the construction will commence in April with a projected completion in March 2017.  For more information, visit
  • Porcupine Hills Early Childhood Coalition came to present their program to Council.
  • Council and Administration discussed the vision for the commercial/residential area between the highways.  Administration was directed to research possibilities and recommendations.
  • Council approved the design for the gateway signage being installed at the north and south entrance on town.
  • Council approved the selling of a Community Peace Officer vehicle.
  • Council approved a request to allow a private business to operate during the Senior Men’s Provincial Championship  hosted in Nanton.

Regular Council Meeting - March 7, 2016

  • Boys & Girls Club made a presentation to Council with a proposal to start a pre-school program in Nanton
  • RCMP submitted Communities Priorities Report
  • New Smoking Reduction Bylaw was passed.  Administration will be creating a map of designated smoking areas and prohibited area throughout town.
  • The Town of Nanton purchased Nanton Curling Club furniture
  • Water Treatment Plant will be undergoing repairs soon. 

Regular Council Meeting - February 16, 2016

Presentation from ShuttlemeYYC

Shuttlemeyyc is a shuttle service out of Calgary who are looking to expand into the region; including Nanton.  They presented to Council their preliminary ideas to operate a 45 day pilot project with service from Nanton to High River, Okotoks, Calgary and the Calgary International Airport. Council suggested they do public consultation in town.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Generator
In preparation for the new wastewater treatment platn, Council approved the purchase of a generator to ensure that the plant will not be effected by potential power failures.

Letter of Concern - Carbon Tax
Council is concerned about the impact of the proposed carbon tax program on Nanton residents and town operations.  They agreed to send the Minister of Environment and Parks a letter to address their concerns.

Downtown Commercial Zoning
Council and Administration discussed the potential and implications of re-zoning the area between Highway 2 North and South.  Administration has been directed to provide more information at a later date.

Gateway Signage
Council approved gateway signage for the north and south entrances with LED technology.

Alberta Southwest - Community Partnership Grant
Alberta Southwest regional economic development alliance requested support to apply for a grant for a new economic development initiative for our region called Southwest DataNest. Council approved a letter of support. 

MD of Willow Creek requests meeting with Council
The MD of Willow Creek requested a meeting with Nanton Council to discuss linear assessment and taxation.  Council approved the meeting and date has yet to be determined.

Wild Pink Yonder Certificate of Pink Prowess
The Town of Nanton received a Certificate of PInk Prowess for participation in the Wild PInk Yonder event this summer.  The community helped raise a total of $57,348 for breast cancer research.
Regular Council Meeting - February 1, 2016

Land Use Bylaw Amendment
Council passed a land use bylaw amendment to re-zone 11 lots in Westview from single detached to two -unit residential.  Council also recommended moving forward with a bylaw to close a portion of lane way in the same development area.  Public hearings for these bylaws were held earlier in the meeting.  

Presentation by Nanton RCMP

Local RCMP, Crp. Olgilvie, presented the latest in crime statistics in the Nanton area.  

Recycling Policy Approved

In an effort to improve the services at the Recycle Depot, Administration has prepared a new Recycling Policy.  Council approved the policy which will affect the operations and procedures of the recycling depot.  Administration will provide more details as they become available.

Emergency Services
Council discussed regional collaboration with the M.D. of Willow Creek for Emergency services, including Fire and EMS.
Regular Council Meeting - January 18, 2016

Westview Wet Pond Enhancement
Council is pleased to have the Town work with the Friends of the Westview Park Committee in the coming year to “spruce up”
and improve the pond area.

Water Quality Investigation
The Town is pleased to announce that the engineering project to investigate and subsequent recommend solutions to address the taste and odour issues associated with our drinking water is under way.  The Town would like to once again thank all the residence who participated in last year’s informal water analysis survey that was the preliminary work from which this investigation will launch.   It is important to remember that the water currently meets all drinking water requirements.

Water Metre Replacement Program
Planning for the meter replacement program is moving forward and the replacement of all water meters in the Town of Nanton will commence in April of 2016. More information to follow.

General Public Meeting
Council is encouraging all residents to come out and meet with Council at the General Public Meeting on Sunday, January 31, 2016, at the Nanton Community Centre at 2 pm. Topics include a review of 2015 activities, what is coming up in 2016, and an overview of the new Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

Regular Council Meeting - January 4, 2016

Council approved new Purchasing Policy

In an effort to continue Council’s commitment to be fiscal responsible and accountable, the Purchasing Policy was reviewed and amended to improve purchasing procedures. If you would like more information, the Purchasing Policy is available at or at the Town office. 

Westview Loan to be paid in full
For major capital projects that will benefit communities over a long period of time, municipalities will use debt to finance them.  Due to a very successful year for Westview Lot sales, Council is pleased to announce that the debenture for Westview Phase 3 will be paid in full, saving the Town approximately $115,000 in interest savings.  Council is excited to see more growth in the community and looks forward to another successful New Year.

Final Operating Budget was approved
The final Operating budget was passed by Council totalling $4,048,600.  Of this total for the year 2016, $2,676.800 is funded through taxation.  The chart below is a breakdown of the Operating budget with the inclusion of the wastewater treatment funding through grants.

The final Operating budget reflects Councils commitment to continuous improvement in primary services (water, sewer, roads), ensuring a sustainable future.  The large capital expenditures in 2016 are a reflection of the building of the new waste water treatment plant, and improvements to our water service that address the ongoing concerns. 

The adoption of a three year budget is new to the Town; the first year being specific and detailed with year two and three providing wider vision to planning.  Year two and three will be revisited and revised as we complete the current year; they are forecasting in nature rather than finalized. The following is a breakdown of the 2016 Operating budget with the inclusion of the wastewater treatment plant funding.





Net Operating Expenditures

$ 4,048,600



Funding to Reserves




Net Operating Revenues

($ 1,719,900)







Net Capital Expenditures

$ 11,651,000  

$ 2,000,000

$ 1,415,000

Grants to fund Capital Expenditures

($ 10,535,000)

($ 1,814,800)


Reserves used to fund Capital Expenditures




Loans to fund Capital Expenditure




Taxation Required for Municipal Operations
(Funded through taxation)

($ 2,676,800.)