Community Facilities

The community of Nanton truly represents Authentic Alberta.  We are proud of our close knit community and the reputation it holds for coming together to meet challenges with community based results.The Town of Nanton supports and advocates for community groups and organizations, which are many.

Many of our successes are not only lead by, but accomplished by the community.  Nanton is proud to be a Let Them Be Kids community, receiving funding and community support that has resulted in two new playgrounds.  

The Nanton Future Foundation was formed to address fundraising to replace the roof of the arena at the Tom Hornecker Recreation Centre.This group lead the charge, and within 18 months the roof was replaced, with funding from the Foundation, the community at large, the Province, and the Federal Government.

The recently completed Westview Wet Pond project was conceived and completed jointly by the Town and community residents.  The results area beautiful and enhanced green space with the Town.

Nanton was selected as a Becoming A Community Builder Community, which has resulted in free community leadership program, delivered on line, and available to all community members, organizations and businesses.  

These examples are a select few in a long history of amazing community support and development.  Nanton has a diverse arts and culture scene, recreational activities, and volunteer opportunities for all ages and demographics.