Marketing & Communications

The Town of Nanton Marketing & Communications department has a variety of responsibilities including but not limited to the following:

1. Providing and disseminating accurate and timely information to all stakeholders about Town programs and services
2. Creating strategic marketing plans for residential lot sales, tourism, event promotion, etc.
3. Creating strategic plans to support Nanton 2021 such as Citizen Satisfaction Survey, Business Visitation program, Sign Implementation plan and Economic Development strategies.
4. Effective management of all communications through website, social media sites and traditional communications methods.
5. Manage Town brand to ensure consistency
6. Maintain strong working relations with the community, businesses, regional partners, other levels of government and the local media.

We are excited for the opportunities to market Nanton as a great place to work, live and do business. Our interchangeable logo family captures the essence of Nanton, its people and our pride for the culture, attractions and land that we call home. 

We welcome and encourage the community as a whole to be a part of the brand. We are Authentic Alberta, where small town values are part of our past, present and future. 

If you have questions or comments regarding the brand, or wish you use the logos in your publications, please contact the Marketing and Communications Coordinator.