Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw 1246/13 regulates the development and use of lands and buildings within the community. The town is broken down into land use districts, each having certain uses which are allowed and their standards for development. The Land Use Bylaw also covers such things as demolition and removal of buildings, signage, enforcement, parking, fencing, decks, and landscaping, to name a few.

Prior to applying for development on a parcel that is not zoned for the proposed use, a Land Use Bylaw amendment must be made to change its classification. An amendment to the Land Use Bylaw requires three readings at council and a public hearing prior to second reading. It may take three months or more before a development permit can then be reviewed under the new zoning. 

For permit applications, see Permits.

To see a copy of the land use district map, see Maps.

Current Proposed Changes to Land Use Bylaw 1246/13 

Posted February 16, 2017

Public Hearing Notice - March 6, 2017

Please consider attending the Public Hearing on proposed changes to the Town of Nanton Land Use Bylaw that could affect the current land use district for your property.

Summary of Proposed Bylaw Amendment 

  • Introduction of a Residential Mixed-Use – “R5” land use district, with corresponding permitted and discretionary uses 
  • Addition of the use “Dwelling, live-work unit” to give more flexibility to conversion of homes to more intensive mixed used (residential) buildings without having to have the living quarters on the upper level.
  • The addition of standards for live-work units under the Residential Standards schedule, including but not limited to, percentage of building gross floor area minimums and maximums.

What will these changes mean to the landowner whose property is affected?

In some circumstances, owning a residential (non-conforming) property in a commercial land use district can limit the use of the lands and buildings which in turn can affect potential development, re-sale and mortgage financing opportunities*.  By changing the land use district to Residential Mixed Use – R5, there is a blend of both residential and compatible commercial uses allowed within one district to give some flexibility in use while still allowing the area to slowly evolve over time.  A Mixed Use district would also make it possible for landowners to renovate or develop their existing properties, whether it is for residential or commercial use or both, as long as the work conforms to the Land Use Bylaw and all applicable Safety Code standards for that use and occupancy.

*If you want to know how this change could potentially affect reselling or purchasing a particular property in this type of district, please consult with your realtor or financial institution directly.